Take the Road Less Traveled

As stated before, I have an intense thirst  to travel and one of my goals this year is to start a project where I become a travel hacker and rack up as many points (flight miles) as possible. Not too many people are aware of the tricks that one can take in order to gain an exponential amount of points. Instead, they come up with a ton of excuses (not having the money is #1) for not getting on the next plane. This is where travel hacking comes in and all you gotta do is take the road less traveled to reach your goal. 

Some of you may be asking what does travel hacking entail exactly?

In a nutshell, you should think of it as a means of “beating the system”. You will be surprised with the various tricks you can do and get away with legally. I promise (hands up).

Once you accumulate a good amount of points, you want t0 make sure you spend the least amount of mileage points for the most expensive ticket fare.

A good buddy of mine, Trever Clark, recently posted a “Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking” and I definitely think you should check it out. One of my favorites and the first one that I will be implementing is the Old Mint Scheme where you buy boxes of $1 coins at face value as a means to increase circulation.

Here is my list!…

Here is my flimsy list of places I have traveled to and some I need to go back to since I was too young

1. Jamaica (numerous amount of times since my family is from there)

2. Puerto Rico (yes I know, it’s still considered the United States)

3. Canada (need to make another trip)

4. England & France (knocked them both out in one shot; definitely need to revisit)

5. United States Quick Note:

- I made a strong effort last year to finally do some exploration out West. I visited a friend in Phoenix, Arizona for about 4 days and we made a wild time of it by driving to the Hoover Dam, spending the night in Las Vegas, woke up really early to drive to the Grand Canyon (which is absolutely gorgeous, pictures cannot do it justice) and then drove back to Phoenix. It was definitely a tiring trip but well worth it!

-I also traveled to California for the first time ever and went to Los Angeles! I definitely need to go back and drive up the coast to San Francisco. I can’t wait to plan the next trip.

* I wanted to share this with you because at the time I didn’t necessarily have the money to pay for these trips last year but it was something I wanted to sacrifice and made sure to save up for them the best way I could. Don’t let money be an excuse for you to not go anywhere. I challenge you to take the road less traveled (don’t listen your friends/parents) and find ways to make that grand trip that everyone will be envious of!  I will be sure to keep you guys updated on my list and will continue to share more ways to make this travel project happen!!

With that said….

Chris Guillebeau is at it again!!

Chris Guillebeau is the King of travel hacking and recently expressed how he came about his strong passion for traveling.

Check out the video below of a new product he is launching TODAY that will help “democratize free and low-cost travel.” Chris will be offering  a 14-day trial membership for $1 and is is only accepting the first 1,000 people to sign up!

On to you….

  • Do you think you will give travel hacking a try? If so, tell me when you plan on starting so we can keep each other in check!
  • Did you like what Chris Guillebeau has to offer? If so, you can sign up for the membership site on the running man banner below :)

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Photo by: mkrigsman
Video by: Chris Guillebeau

6 thoughts on “Take the Road Less Traveled

  1. If you end up in LA, San Fran, DC, Philly, or New York, I have friends who are always up for hosting guests and adventurers!

    Also, we should put together a Travel Hackers / Lifestyle Designers European Vacation! I’m actually serious!

    1. Hey Brian!! Thanks for stopping by!! I am definitely down for a European trip… keep me in the loop with the details (thanks for thinking of me)!! If I do find myself headed into one of the cities, I will def keep you in mind. I hope to meet up in NYC IN PERSON sometime this year. Let’s make it happen!

  2. Love the new site Monique! And more importantly, I’m feeling the topics you’re discussing. Keep ‘em coming. I’m very interested in Travel, not only as a way to get away, but as a means to recenter, explore who and what you are, and gain a much valued perspective on life, and your purpose.

    Oh…and thanks for letting me know about Chris’s new project. I’ve been looking for more nuts and bolts about how to travel wisely and efficiently, and I think Chris has the goods. Will check out…

    1. Hey Veron!! Thanks so much for the kind words! I definitely agree with your thoughts about traveling being other than a way to get away. I think it’s very therapeutic (I hope I spelled that right) and highlights awareness of yourself, the immediate surroundings and the interactions with people.

      Chris is absolutely a genius when it comes to travel hacking. I am sure you will be very pleased. You should also check out his Frequent Flyer’s Master Program here: http://unconventionalguides.com/cmd.php?Clk=4054279

      Hope to see more of ya here!

  3. Read “Four Hour Work Week” if you haven’t already. This book inspired me to take action on my thirst for traveling. After reading this book, I booked a trip to Jamaica and have been exploring other spots on the Globe at every chance ever since

    -Montreal Jazz Festival

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