How to Submit an Entry for a Video Contest & Kick Ass!

Fox Rent A Car is hosting a road trip contest for bloggers who are willing to go on a adventure to 6 cities in 16 days using their inventory of cars! I think this is a brilliant project that this company is conducting in order to build brand awareness and utilize social media. I am proud to say that my good friend, Srinivas Rao from Skool of Life and Blogcastfm, is the Head Advisor on this project. In order to participate in the contest, all you have to do is submit a 60 second video stating your reason(s) why Fox Rent A Car should choose you to go on this fabulous journey! I am pleased to announce my most recent project of submitting an entry to Fox Rent A Car’s Road Trip Contest! However, instead of bombarding with numerous requests to vote for me, I want to share with you some tips on how to successfully submit an entry to any video contest.

Reading is Fundamental

Whenever a contest is announced, it is only natural to automatically skip to the part of the instructions that states the prizes or benefits if you were to win. This is perfectly fine, like I said, it is only natural. But please please be sure to go back to the beginning or the parts that you skipped and read them all the way through! This will not only prevent you from being disqualified from the contest, but it will guarantee the avoidance of painting a  skewed perception of being an idiot to the host of the competition.

Size Up the Competition

If possible, look at the other entries from other contestants. As I have mentioned before several times here at ATS, I am highly competitive. I always seek the opportunity to research and observe my opponents before I plan my strategy of kicking ass and this will definitely put you ahead of the game. It will also help to give you some ideas of how you want to go about creating your next project.

The fox raod trip competition

Tap into those creative juices

Sit down with a pen and paper. Write out all of the things that come to mind, no matter how outrageous they may seem. Then slowly go through the list and really think about the unique ways that really grabs people’s attention. Also, be sure to do some self-evaluation to determine whether you can really pull off this creative project BEFORE the deadline. This is key!

Make a Game Plan

I decided that my particular video entry must be highly visual.. whatever that means. Because I am a huge online video enthusiast and I really need to get off of my ass to start creating new videos, I decided to go for the cream of the crop and attempt Green Screen for the first time! I’ve always been fascinated with it and having been doing research for quite some time on tutorials and one of my ultimate favs is Pat Flynn’s. It did not come out as pretty as Pat’s but it was a great trial and error project and I can’t wait to make my next one!

Set-up of my green screen

Haha I had to do the video on my bed! :)

Because of tip #2, I noticed that none of the videos included what their blog website looked like nor included Fox Rent A Car’s logo. After all, this  contest was created by them, so why not figure out a way to include Fox in the video. 

Double – Triple – Check

I remember as a kid, that I used to always hate it when my parents asked me if I double checked my answers when I took a test or turned in my homework. As a I grew older, I finally saw their point and just realized it was pure laziness on my behalf. So, I will be my parents now….

DOUBLE-TRIPLE- Check your sh*t! 

before fully submitting your video to the contest and for the judges to slaughter (just kidding).

 Don’t be a poor sport

 As you can see below, I not only voted for myself but I also voted for other contestants who I thought were really creative. I can  acknowledge talent when I see it and also be a team player all while being naturally competitive. :)  

Note: no offense to the videos not selected

Fox Road Trip Votes

Share, share, share!

 Last but not the very least. Be sure to share with your friends your most recent accomplishment and goal! It’s always a blast to have a cheering section in your right pocket. Not only does it leave a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but it inspires you to start your next project :)

With that said, I know I said I wouldn’t bombard you with numerous requests to vote, but I am asking you once to vote for my video here and be sure to check out the other contestants as well. Enjoy your weekend!

On to you….

  • Have you been submitted an entry for a Video Contest?
  • What was your experience with it?
  • What are some tips that you find to be useful?

Please share in the comments below.

Photo By: UT Libraries

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3 thoughts on “How to Submit an Entry for a Video Contest & Kick Ass!

  1. Today I entered my first video contest… another competitor ;) Actually it is my first online video ever. I’m definitely for comfortable behind the camera.

    I agree, sizing up the competition is key, but what you do with that research is even more important.

    Don’t do what they did, do what they didn’t.

    Double checking you work is a good habit in general but don’t get caught up in endless tweaking…

    1. Hey Nick! Thanks for stopping by! I’m really excited about the contest and I am glad you decided to participate as well! First online video huh?! How did you like it? I’m sure you will be creating a whole lot more since you got over the hump! That’s the hardest part. C’mon don’t shy back behind the camera :)

      The best thing you said that sums it all up was: “Don’t do what they did, do what they didn’t.” I couldn’t say it any better myself.

      Good luck to you dude and may the best two people win. BTW your blog is awesome! Cheers!

  2. Great tips Monique!

    I love what you said for tapping into the creative juices. Write down everything that comes to mind no matter how outrageous. Now you have changed your mindset from one of limitations to one of possibilities – possibilities that will be the edge in the contest.

    What video software do you use?


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