It’s the end of January already?!

Dude Seriously?!

I really cannot believe that we are saying goodbye to January today and saying hello to February today! It literally feels like we brought in the new year yesterday and I have no idea where the time went. Geez!

Look up at the picture above. That’s exactly what I feel like doing right now. I am already feeling somewhat overwhelmed and my back against the wall. Woosah! Ok, I seriously need to get a grip on myself.

Have you made your goals yet for 2011? What are some of the projects you want to accomplish?

It still isn’t too late. Shhh I won’t tell if you won’t. Here are some of the major goals/projects that I have for the year 2011:

  • Lose 30 pounds by March 10th - I may want to lose more afterwards but we will see. I recently purchased the Rebel Fitness Guide by Nerd Fitness. I highly suggest you take a looksie.
  • Attend SXSW - I made this a goal from last year when I saw Twitter bombarded with Tweets about the festival and felt so left out.
  • Get a Freakin’ Hold on my Finances – So I made a very bold decision last year to move out of my studio that I had all by my lonesome and move in a apartment with two other roommates. I know what you are thinking… but we all have our own bathrooms so that counts for a lot. Anywho, I decided to make this what appears to be a rash decision in order to save about 300 bucks on rent in addition to other things. Of course, this has not gone over too well because that extra 300 bucks is now being allocated to high CC bills ugh! Get a Freakin’ Hold on my Finances is a very serious goal that I have this year and to help with the process, I ditched my homemade budget excel worksheet and purchased one from Fabulously Broke . So far, it is well worth the purchase! Plus my funds were donated to charity! :)
  • Make Passive Income Streams – In order to reach my goal of walking away from you know what, I quickly realized that I need to start generating revenue on the side from projects, services and/or side mini businesses. I’ve honestly been struggling with generating ideas because the Lizard Brain is getting in the way but I decided to borrow from my savings  and become the “First 50″ of the Digital Nomad Academy (DNA). I know, I know, borrowing from your savings is a “no “no” unless I am almost on my death bed (just kidding) but I will make this investment worthwhile and classes start on February 9th!
  • Travel Hacking – this is something I really want to conquer and hope to generate quite a few mileage points throughout the year
  • Learn Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro- developing my skills in these programs will help bring me a step closer to launching my digital media marketing firm in addition to generating income on the side.
  • Publish Online Video Campaigns - I have quite a few things up my sleeve that I would love to share with you so please stay tuned!
  • Be a Badass Blogger - I have very high hopes for this here blog and want to accomplish the following:  generate monthly reports of the projects accomplished and goals set for this blog; publish at least two e-books; continue to interview awesome badasses and share their projects; do some collabo work with other awesome bloggers; share some of the projects that I have accomplished and how to do them; build a strong subscriber base; Start small and write at least 2 guest posts for other blogs per month and increase gradually once I get the hang of it; last but not the very least make new friends with you all and other bloggers!
  • Continue to kick-ass in the services that I do for my clients – last year I was blessed to have clients hire me knowingly that I do not have that much experience in certain arenas but I was able to sell myself and want to put huge smiles on their faces :)
  • Stay in touch with extended family – I think we all fall victim to the busy work and begin to neglect the most important people who care. I want to find a balance and try to mend some of the relationships that I have been somewhat broken. Wish me luck!

Whew! That is quite a list and I am sure I left some things out.  BTW, I am declaring this year the “Year of Follow-Through”!

How has 2011 treated you thus far? Are you still on track?

  • Lose 30 pounds by March 10th - I officially start the Rebel Fitness Guide today along with a Paleo diet. Why March 10th? Because that will be the first day that I am at SXSW!
  • Attend SXSW - I am counting down the days until the festival! I still need to buy my plane ticket though :(
  • Get a Freakin’ Hold on my Finances – I started off very strong but as you see below I didn’t quite make it and got very very sloppy towards the end of the month. Geesh! So on to the next one. Note: Spending money on miscellaneous items definitely added up for me even if they were on average $3! I definitely need to watch what I am spending on food as well!


  • Stay in touch with extended family – I have made a list of people I woud like to stay in contact with and put it on my calendar as a starting point.

On to You…

  • Have you made your goals yets for 2011? Please share with us some of the goals/projects you would like to accomplish.
  • How have you taken advantage of January? Are you still on track?
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18 thoughts on “It’s the end of January already?!

  1. So you’re going to SXSW for sure? I’ve actually been toying around with the idea. It did sound pretty awesome last year when it seemed like everybody on Twitter was there.

    You’ve got some great goals – the hardest thing is building momentum with them. After that it’s all downhill. I’ve got some pretty huge goals for myself this year too. I’ve made progress on some, like Passive Income (finished the month at around $23/day) and physical training for the Silk Road adventure (up over 30 miles a week again). I’ve already fallen off-track with some others, though (writing and meditating every day). Just need to jump back on the horse and constantly re-dedicate to them, you know?

    1. Hey Trever! Thanks for stopping by!

      Yup it’s offical! I am going to SXSW for the first time ever! I am really looking forward to it. You should definitely consider going… if you don’t at least you are going to Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Conference in the summer! It got sold out before I could buy a ticket :(

      I definitely agree that the uphill battle is mostly building momentum in addition to retaining motivation and gaining confidence! Congrats on the passive income streams and running over 30 miles?! Geesh! I’m sure that was a lot of hard work spent to build up those miles! I’m sure you will get back on track with the writing and meditating every day!

  2. Really inspiring list of goals for 2011 (and this from someone who recently advocated ditching goals!). I’m similarly on a healthy eating + exercising kick. I’m going to join a gym even though I know Leo Babauta says a gym membership is one of things you can/should get rid of. I realize I CAN workout at home, but I want to get out of the house more and will leverage the group motivation. Plus, YOGA CLASSES.

    And if you ever get stuck with Photoshop / After Effects / Final Cut Pro, hit me up, I’ve got some karma to pay forward!

    1. Thanks Brian!! I think it helps to get out of the house to keep you motivated to work out. It’s just like choosing between working at home versus going to the local coffee shop. I definitely would like to take up Yoga & Pilates classes in the future.

      I will definitely have a chat soon for some sort of direction in getting my feet really wet in PSD, After Effects, and Final Cut!

  3. Really liking the detail here. That allows people to really identify. Moving into a 3 bedroom from a studio is a big change. I’ve always thought lowering one’s “sustainability rate” is key to achieving freedom and flexibility. Higher CC bills can result, but lowering a fixed cost like rent by $300 is a huge step. Keep killing it!

    1. Thanks Mark for stopping by! It was a huge adjustment to downgrade to a 3-bedroom but it was the extra $300 that helped keep a peace of mind :)

  4. Hi Monique! I live in Austin, and I’m going to some of the free shows at SXSW. It’s a really great city. If you need any recommendation for things to see and do around town let me know. :) Glad to have found your blog through Trever’s brilliant idea!

    1. Hey Chase! That’s awesome! We should definitely try to meet up for sure! Yes please send all of the recommendations hither. I’m glad you found it as well and I look forward to reading your content as well! I’ve heard such great things about Austin!

  5. After months of fastidious bookkeeping, I found that budgeting with a spreadsheet (or finance software) saved me little money and cost me far too much time. The thing that eventually enabled me to get on top of my budget simply and easily is simply having separate bank accounts for income and expenses (checking) and only transferring to my expense account the budget that I set for the week. Transfer your rent and fixed expenses to a separate account as well. If it ain’t there. Ya, can’t spend it. The zero-time method for staying on budget. Easy.

    Love that stress reduction chart. LOL.

    1. Thanks Lach for stopping by and sharing with us your savy budgeting trick. I think I might actually try your method… it’s just figuring out which banks I want to open new accounts with and have them all synced with each other. However, I am still sticking with my excel spreadsheet because it helps to visually track my progress via the various graphs that have been built into it.

      I recently prinited out the chart and have put it to good use :) Hope to see more of ya here!

      1. Sure—even if you continue to do a manual bookkeeping review, you’ll find separating your cash flows this way makes that waaay more manageable. You can see the big picture much more clearly because all the everyday minutia is separated from your earnings and significant, major expenses.

  6. I know exactly what you mean by feeling left out lol. I really wish I was going to the World Domination summit, BUT I have other plans that are equally exciting and are apart of my “11 yearly goals. Enjoying your site Monique :)

  7. I love your list of goals to accomplish! I would also like to learn Final Cut and After Effects. I’ve seen some amazing videos made with those two softwares. Have you started learning? How do you plan on doing it? Online or in a class in your city?

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