How to Submit an Entry for a Video Contest & Kick Ass!

Fox Rent A Car is hosting a road trip contest for bloggers who are willing to go on a adventure to 6 cities in 16 days using their inventory of cars! I think this is a brilliant project that this company is conducting in order to build brand awareness and utilize social media. I am proud to say that my good friend, Srinivas Rao from Skool of Life and Blogcastfm, is the Head Advisor on this project. In order to participate in the contest, all you have to do is submit a 60 second video stating your reason(s) why Fox Rent A Car should choose you to go on this fabulous journey! I am pleased to announce my most recent project of submitting an entry to Fox Rent A Car’s Road Trip Contest! Continue reading

Take the Road Less Traveled

As stated before, I have an intense thirst  to travel and one of my goals this year is to start a project where I become a travel hacker and rack up as many points (flight miles) as possible. Not too many people are aware of the tricks that one can take in order to gain an exponential amount of points. Instead, they come up with a ton of excuses (not having the money is #1) for not getting on the next plane. This is where travel hacking comes in and all you gotta do is take the road less traveled to reach your goal.  Continue reading

Welcome to Another Twenty Something!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Another Twenty Something (ATS)!

ATS is a blog about addressing the fears and anxieties of what’s keeping 20-somethings from starting their next project and highlighting the FUN in accomplishing them. My biggest goal is to is to inspire 20-somethings to start their next project(s) through interviews, stories (don’t act like you’re too old to be told one), videos &  projects of my own.

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- Monique Johnson

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20 Ways to Screw up Your Next Project!

Let’s get right to it so you won’t have to make a face like this:

1. Dream about your Project and no Action

2. Sleep more then you need to. You have work to do!

3. Working past your limit. You do have to get sleep at some point

4. Lose the inner child in you

5. Stop self-education

6. Aiming to be the next Mark Zuckerberg Why?

7. Being a loser and not have any friends

8. Don’t Take Risks

9. Working at a place that you hate

10. Let your pride get in the way and not ask questions

11. Not accepting procrastination

12. Reject Criticism

13. Color inside of the lines

14. Give up in the dip

15. Have a tight hold on the reigns

16. Avoid Mistakes

17. Pursue Perfection

18. Do not believe

19. Don’t Laugh

20. Be Mediocre

On to you….

  • How have you screwed up a project?
  • What have you done to not to make the same mistake again?

This concludes the Stop the BITCHASSNESS & START Your Next Project Series. I hope you are starting your next project right this instant. Sign up for free updates from ATS and be inspired to start more projects after you finish this one.

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